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My 2007 Bowhunting Season Opener Buck

By Jon Erdmann

An awesome day it was on this bowhunting season opener of 2007.  My son and I had been hunting the farm, where we normally had good luck along the tree line, but having a new bowhunter along and trying to teach him the art of spot and stalk was very difficult.  Well instead of complaining I used this time wisely with my son.  We both saw several whitetail deer grazing the alfalfa field and so I told him to stand where he was.  I crouched down low and made my way thru the field on hands and knees.  Using the in the depressions in the field to keep myself as low as I possibly could, then only rising when the whitetail had their heads fixed on what they were eating.

I crept ever so slowly, and finally reached within 30 yards, which was very good for drawing and releasing an arrow from.  These whitetail were both does, and not of what I had been looking for.  I figured this was our opener, and I just did not want to take a doe unless I had to.

Well we both decided to head on over to my uncle’s place, even though it was almost mid-day.  Temps were warm, and I found out later that it was 85* outside.   I figured we would still walk and stalk the woods, just to see if anything was about under the dark timber that was protecting and shading anything that was in the woods.  Well, not seeing a single whitetail standing or even a few whitetails flagging as they normally do when spooked.  We decided to head on back to the house, and wait till late afternoon for a much cooler opportunity.  As we approached within about 100 yards of the farmhouse, a whitetail buck that had been bedded between two smallish pine trees just stood and looked at me.  The buck presented himself with a nice broadside shot at about 5 yards, I just could not believe myself.  My son stood behind me frozen, and as I released my arrow into the buck my son recalled that it appeared to be like slow motion to him.  My son recalled hearing that sound that is just music to a bowhunters ears, of THWACK as the Carbon Express arrow tipped with a G5 Striker 100gr broadhead entered the buck.  The buck then bolted, and ran about 15 yards before collapsing.

jon_and_buck.jpgI had noticed that this whitetail was still in velvet, which was an added bonus for me since I had never harvested a buck in velvet before.  This of course was not the largest whitetail by any means, but it was a whitetail buck in velvet that was harvested by me with a bow.

My son still talks about this days hunt, and has thanked me many times for letting him come along that day.


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