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Anticipation for deer season

By Tom Lester

As each day passes my anticipation for the upcoming deer season grows. September 19th is opening day in my home state of Minnesota, and it can not come soon enough. I have done everything I can to help make it easier to get through. I have looked at thousands of trail cam pics, read hunting books and magazines, watched countless hunting shows and have spent more hours on whitetailworld.com than I care to admit. But still every day I get a little more excited.
To make sure that I am ready for opening day, I hang new stands and move some old ones. I put out trailantic_1.JPG cams to get as many pictures of the bucks living on our hunting property as I can. I also try to put out enough mineral sites to help the deer after a long cold winter. Finally I do as much glassing of the fields as I can, to get as much information to help me decide the best possible stand locations.
My favorite part of the summer leading up to opening day is definetly making the hit list. The thought of picking a couple of good bucks that you have been watching, to go after. As of now there are 4 bucks on my hit list, with a couple of weeks till opening day I hope to find another nice buck or 2 to add to the list. This makes it more challenging and exciting to try and come up with a plan to harvest one of these great animals.
After waiting 9 long months to do something you truly love, there is nothing like that first sit of the new season. Sitting up in my tree stand and looking out at everyting the woods has to offer, I couldn't think of a better place to be. Then there is the most important part, the thought of that big buck you have been watching and dreaming about could walk past at any moment, giving you a memory for a life time.
I know alot of you here feel the same way I do from reading your posts. Good luck this season, I look forward to your pics and hunting stories. Hopefully I will be able to share a few of my own with you. Remember wear your saftey harness and always hunt safe.