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Kentucky ! Still Rocking !
Is that a water hole or did the deer dig for the Monster Raxx that deep :)
7-31-2012 at 22:13
by: Blindsniper
This is Badger Country
:rock: I've only ever gotten 1 on camera before. I've never laid eye's on one. Very cool!
7-30-2012 at 22:45
by: Blindsniper
Am I not a true hunter?
I think you've nailed exactly what a true hunter/sportsman is. It's not about the kill. That aspec ...
7-30-2012 at 22:41
by: Blindsniper
Only 32 more days.....
That makes 2 of us not being ready. Then again, I don't think I'll be 100% ever in my life :)
7-30-2012 at 22:37
by: Blindsniper
Haven't been here in awhile
:welcome: back!
7-30-2012 at 22:35
by: Blindsniper
Something different
7-30-2012 at 22:34
by: Blindsniper
A couple of cool pics
It's cool when you get pics timed at just the right time to capture sunsets and rises like that.
7-30-2012 at 22:33
by: Blindsniper
This weeks pic of the Split Brow buck
He turned wicked! Wonder what's going on exactly on his right side?
7-30-2012 at 22:32
by: Blindsniper
One lazy Bear
He missed timed the hibernation period by a couple months :)
7-30-2012 at 22:30
by: Blindsniper
A few bucks from this weekends camera check
That's a great pic pull for the week!
7-30-2012 at 22:28
by: Blindsniper
Guess I know where the last 4 bags of Monster Raxx Went
Something tells me your right :) Nice captures!
7-30-2012 at 22:27
by: Blindsniper
Buffalo Co Wi.
We talked about it a lot at camera school. We don't need one of those things in the area. Hearing ...
7-29-2012 at 14:15
by: Blindsniper
the 411 on droptine20
Looking good Corey!
7-26-2012 at 14:30
by: Blindsniper
Decent CT 8pt. on cam
He's got a ways to go but he should be a really solid buck in the end. Thanks for sharing
7-26-2012 at 14:23
by: Blindsniper
How are your plots looking??
I drove around my plots last night. My alfalfa is still alittle yellow and stunted but it's has imp ...
7-25-2012 at 21:49
by: Blindsniper
It's raining here (sort of) tonight. We got about a .10 earlier and maybe a few hundreths more out ...
7-25-2012 at 21:47
by: Blindsniper
Round Up Ready Sugar Beets
Making them available is going to help a lot of people. I'd assume you'd have to get them from an a ...
7-25-2012 at 21:45
by: Blindsniper
Shooters 2012 Season
Wolves and bears.....Kool to see, but not a fun neighbor to have if your a fawn whitetail. Can you ...
7-25-2012 at 12:36
by: Blindsniper
Smokeys 2012
That's a kool picture! That's one animal I've never gotten on trail camera.
7-25-2012 at 12:34
by: Blindsniper
Last week in pics
Just a couple of pics from last week in WI.

[IMG] ...
7-24-2012 at 11:41
by: Blindsniper
Rockin In Kentucky Pic heavy !!
Well done sir! Well done
7-23-2012 at 22:35
by: Blindsniper
BS End of the World Journal
I spent most all day Sunday around BCO with Tom and Mark. I did take an hour and run over to my lea ...
7-23-2012 at 19:15
by: Blindsniper
BS End of the World Journal
I'm back from camera school and ready to kick this season into high gear!!!! The camera school was ...
7-23-2012 at 18:40
by: Blindsniper
question about logging in...
We are looking into this. It may be a browser thing. IF you have Chrome, Firefox,etc. and you are ...
7-23-2012 at 17:59
by: Blindsniper
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